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Debbi Morgan as Angie Baxter

Angela "Angie" Baxter Hubbard (formerly Harrison & Foster) is a fictional character on the ABC daytime soap operas All My Children, Loving & The City. DENIELLE LYNN TWISS ANGIE HUBBARD DR MOM I LOVE YOU YES OKAY HAPPY JESSE HUBBARD DADDY CASSANDRA FOSTER FARNKIE HUBBARD DR RANDR MORGAN HUBBARD DENNY LYNN 38@YAHOO.COM

Actress History:Edit

  • Debbi Morgan (AMC: 03/1982-04/1990, 01/2008-09/2011 & 04/2013-present, Loving: 1993-1995 & The City: 1995-1997)
  • Sandra Quarterman (AMC: 04/1990-01/1991)

Family and relationships:Edit


  • Lester "Les" Baxter (father, deceased)
  • Patricia "Pat" Baxter (mother, deceased)


  • Theodore "Teddy" Baxter (brother)

Marital status:Edit

Past marriage(s):Edit

  • Jesse Hubbard (annulled) [1983]
  • Jesse Hubbard (dissolved) [1983-1988]
  • Charles Harrison (divorced) [1995]
  • Jacob Foster (divorced) [1996-2007]



  • William [Last Name Unknown] (grandson, via Frankie)

Other relatives:Edit

  • Flora Baxter (paternal aunt, deceased)

Flings and relationships:Edit

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