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One Life to Live (OLTL) is set in the fictional town of Llanview, Pennsylvania, a fictitious suburb of Philadelphia.

Show Information:Edit

  • Debut: July 15, 1968
  • Creators: Agnes Nixon
  • Producing Team: Frank Valentini (Execentive Producer), Suzanne Flynn, John Tumino, Shelley Honigbaum & Jacqueline Van Belle
  • Directing Team: Jill Ackles, Mary Ryan, Larry Carpenter, Danielle Faraldo, Bruce S. Cooperman, Tracy Casper Lang, Richard Manfredi, Jill Mitwell, Gary Donatelli, Howie Zeidman, Paul Glass, Teresa Anne Cicala & Alan Needleman
  • Head Writer: Ron Carlivati
  • Creative Consultant: Brian Frons
  • Other Writers: Chris Van Etten, Anna Cascio, Shelly Altman, Janet Iacobuzio, Frederick Johnson, Gary Tomlin, Elizabeth Page, Jeanne Marie Ford, Aida Croal, Tamiko Brooks, Carolyn Culliton, Michelle Poteet Lisanti, Frances Myers & Katherine Schock
  • Casting Director: Julie Ann Madison

Current Cast (as of November 2011):Edit



Comings and GoingsEdit

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